CrisisX – Your Last Survival v1.10.98 (APK for Android) Latest Update

In this article, you will find complete information about CrisisX – Your Last Survival 1.10.98 APK. It will cover where you can download the app, its features, release date, update details, and the file size. Additionally, you’ll get the download link if you wish to download the game.

CrisisX - Your Last Survival Apk

CrisisX – Your Last Survival Apk info

👉NameCrisisX – Your Last Survival
👉Released on23 February 2024
👉Updated on3 March 2024
👉Downloads50,000/+ Downloads
👉File Size788 MB
👉Rating3 Star
👉Download LinkDOWNLOAD NOW

What is the story of the CrisisX – Your Last Survival Game?

A dangerous virus suddenly spread, making many people sick and causing chaos.
People ran out into the streets, only to find their homes turned into a ruined city with mutants and zombies. 
Everything broke down – buildings, roads, and society. Families got split up when they ran into the wilderness. 
Now, in this tough time, you’re all by yourself! The most important thing is to “SURVIVE.” How much longer can you stay alive out there?

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