Lexis Audio Editor Mod Apk v1.2.175 Download (Premium/No Ads)

Lexis Audio Editor Mod Apk is like a special tool for your phone’s sounds! It lets you cut, mix, and adjust your audio files easily. You can use it to make your own ringtones, sound clips, or improve recordings. It works with different types of audio files, which makes it really useful.

Lexis Audio Editor Mod Apk Information

🏷️ NAMELexis Audio Editor
📱 DEVICEAndroid 5.1 and up
📱 VERSION1.2.175 Latest version
📂 SIZE13.16 MB
🧑‍💻 DEVLOPEDpamsys

What is Lexis Audio Editor Apk

Lexis Audio Editor Mod Apk is an Audio Editing App in which you can make your own mobile recording audio, Call Record Audio and even edit your own ringtone. This is a good application which is available in Play Store.

Lexis Audio Editor Mod Apk
What is Lexis Audio Editor Mod Apk

You can also download it directly from the given download link. This Apk is completely safe.

Lexis Audio Editor Mod Apk Futures

You can record or edit audio files using the editor. The Latest version has all the features of the paid version, including saving in formats like wav, m4a, aac, flac, and wma. However, saving in mp3 format requires the paid version.

Features include

👉 Recorder and player

👉 Basic editing functions like cut, copy, paste, delete, insert silence, trim, fade in, and fade out

👉 Normalizing and noise Reduction

👉 Ability to record into existing files or import files into existing One

👉 Mixing current files with others

👉 10-band equalizer and compressor

👉 Change Tempo, Speed, Pitch

👉 Splitting vocals and accompaniment

👉 Supports various audio formats: mp3, wav, flac, m4a, aac, wma, and video import formats like mp4, 3gp, and 3g2.

Lexis Audio Editor Mod App
Futures of Lexis Audio Editor Mod Apk

Make sure your device has enough free memory, especially for longer recordings. For example, for a 10-minute stereo recording at 48kHz, it’s recommended to have at least 500MB of free memory on your SD card.

Also, check out our security camera app, Lexis Cam. If you find our app helpful, please consider giving it a 5-star rating on the store. Your support motivates us to keep improving the apps

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Lexis Audio Editor Mod Apk offers a comprehensive set of tools for editing and enhancing audio files directly on your Android device. With features like recording, basic editing functions, normalization, noise reduction, mixing, equalization, and more, it provides users with a versatile platform to create customized ringtones, sound clips, or improve recordings with ease.

The app supports various audio formats, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of files. However, it’s important to ensure sufficient device memory for longer recordings. Additionally, users can explore Lexis Cam, a security camera app from the same developer.

Overall, Lexis Audio Editor Mod Apk is a valuable tool for anyone looking to manipulate audio files on their mobile device, offering convenience and functionality in one package.


1. Can I download Lexis Audio Editor Mod Apk from sources other than the Google Play Store?

ANS: No, Lexis Audio Editor Mod Apk is primarily available on the Google Play Store. Be cautious of downloading from other sources to avoid security risks.

2. Can I share edited audio files directly from Lexis Audio Editor Mod Apk to social media or messaging apps?

ANS: Yes, you can easily share edited audio files from the app to various platforms directly.

3. What limitations does the free version of Lexis Audio Editor Mod Apk have compared to the paid version, besides saving in MP3 format?

ANS: The free version offers basic editing functions and supports various audio formats. However, saving files in MP3 format requires the paid version, which may also include additional advanced features.

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