Shadow War: Idle RPG Survival v1.0.15 (Download APK and Explore Key Feature)

This article includes the Shadow War: Idle RPG Survival APK Download link and outlines the key features of the game. It provides details on what information you can expect and highlights any changes post-update.
Shadow War Idle RPG Survival

Apk info Shadow War Idle RPG Survival

👉NameShadow War Idle RPG Survival
👉Released on5 Feb 2024
👉Updated on6 Mar 2024
👉Downloads1,00,000/+ Downloads
👉File Size117 MB
👉Rating3.8 Star
👉Download LinkDOWNLOAD NOW


Shadow War: Idle RPG Survival APK v1.0.15 Game Overview

Embark on an adventure in Shadow War: Idle RPG Survival, a dark and atmospheric game where you face off against hordes of monsters in the Shadow Realm. Choose from various classes, each with unique skills, and aim to become the ultimate Shadow Slayer.

Shadow War: Idle RPG Survival APK Key Features

Idle Gameplay:

👉Progress continuously, even when not actively playing.

👉Your character keeps battling monsters, earning rewards for your return.

Choose Your Class:

👉Pick from diverse classes like warrior, rogue, mage, or summoner.

👉Each class boasts its own set of skills and abilities.

Monster Battles:

👉Engage in epic battles against hordes of monsters in the Shadow Realm.

👉Utilize your skills to defeat enemies and earn rewards.

Explore the Shadow Realm:

👉Immerse yourself in the dark and atmospheric Shadow Realm.

👉Discover hidden treasures, conquer powerful bosses, and unveil the realm’s secrets.

Level Up and Strengthen:

👉Level up your character for increased strength and power.

👉Unlock new skills and abilities to overcome challenging foes.


👉Personalize your character’s appearance and abilities.

👉Choose weapons, armor, and skills to craft the perfect Shadow Slayer.

Regular Updates:

👉Enjoy ongoing content updates, featuring new monsters, locations, and exciting features.

👉Keep the game fresh and engaging with regular additions.

What’s new in the Latest Shadow War Idle RPG Survival APK

Introducing Exciting Updates
🌟 New Modes: Zodiac and World Building
Dive into the thrilling realms of Zodiac and World Building for added excitement.
🛡️ Hero Selection in Ring Dungeon
Now, experience the power of choice with the newly added Hero Selection feature in the Ring Dungeon.
🔧 Bug Fixes and Enhanced UI/UX
fixing bugs and enhancing the overall user experience, ensuring smoother gameplay.
Shadow War: Idle RPG Survival Apk Latest additions and elevate your gaming experience!

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