Triviascapes: trivia & IQ test Apk v0.7.021 (Download For Android)

Triviascapes: trivia & IQ test Apk Have fun with an easy trivia quiz that makes your brain happy, sharpens your memory, and gets you thinking Download now..

Triviascapes: trivia & IQ test Apk

Triviascapes: trivia & IQ test Apk info

👉NameTriviascapes: trivia & IQ test
👉Released on31 jan 2024
👉Updated on16 Feb 2024
👉Downloads10,00,000/+ Downloads
Offered byQuiz & Triva Games by mno go Apps
👉File Size76.41 MB
👉Rating4.7 Star
👉Download LinkDOWNLOAD NOW

What is Triviascapes: trivia & IQ test Apk?

Step into a world of mind-boosting fun with Triviascapes – your ultimate destination for a laid-back trivia experience!
Dive into a vast array of questions covering everything from history and geography to animals, food, and literature. Trivia-scapes has something for everyone!
As you play, earn fragments of stunning backgrounds. Complete levels, gather all the fragments, and unveil breathtaking nature views!
Don’t stress about mistakes – they happen! Lose a life out of five when you slip up, but fear not. Use the coins you earn to snag extra lives or handy hints for those tricky questions.
Trivia-scapes is all about the learning journey, where errors and hints are part of the excitement!
Embark on a mental challenge with quizzes of varying difficulty levels set against gorgeous landscapes. This educational game tests your memory and logic while providing a relaxing escape.

Triviascapes: trivia & IQ test Apk Features

✅Unique and challenging trivia quizzes
✅Breathtaking scenery
✅Simple design
✅Soothing music
✅Clear rules
More than just a game, Trivia-scapes offers a tranquil escape from your routine. With calming music and serene landscapes, it’s a relaxation tool that turns learning into an enjoyable adventure. Join us in Triviascapes, where fun meets knowledge, and relaxation is guaranteed!

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